Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Ounce at a Time

As two of the puppies reach 2 pounds, the other five keep on gaining. Each have little leaps and bounds, for example, Winnie (purple) while not the first to walk, walks around the pool quite often.  Schofield (greens new name) and Wesson (red) have their eyes open the most followed by Smith (blue) and Browning/Pound (light blue).

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Wesson and blanket Jaime made.

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Schofield and blanket Jaime made.
 My friend Jaime, who knits and crochets, (don't ask me which one she is doing for the blankets) is making each puppy a blanket to go home with in their individual ric-rac colors.  She has gotten these two done and the puppies love them.  I will sleep on all the blankets, then rub big brother Henry with them. Then, finally, let Carly and their siblings sleep on them and hopefully by the time they go home the blankets will provide some comfort to the pups on their first nights.

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I See Spots!!

This is the sight I see in the morning, except every morning there are more spots,  I LOVE IT. 

I have been doing the Early Neurological Simulations on the puppies and every day the seem more tolerant as a group.  The 3 minute stress test develops their hormonal, adrenal and pituitary systems, along with their ability to problems solve and much more.  This test is done by putting them in a container and taking them outside individually for 3 minutes then bringing them back in and soothing them.  None of the puppies, really mind this test, they are all pretty calm.

Carly is doing great, she is sleeping more on her bed outside the pool, I think the puppies crawl around too much now and Carly likes her sleep.  Car still growls a little at Henry when he barges in but overall tolerates him in the room with them. 

Cannot wait a few more days and the puppies eyes will all be open....guess I will be in trouble then!

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  1. Thank you for updating us about Carly and her pups. We can't wait to see more spots on the puppies :) The blanket is a wonderful idea :)

    Kit & Aaron