Monday, September 26, 2011

Small Steps for the Future

Wesson with mom
 It has been a few days and the puppies have had their dewclaws off.  I started Early Neurological Stimulation....which in a short description improves health and reaction to stress and disease.  Their spots are getting darker.  It looks like Schuyler(green girl) is going to have quite a few spots. Her, Derringer (silver girl) and Pound (blue girl) have one nose freckle that is very similar on all three, so cute. 

So far the boys, Smith & Wesson, look like they will have open spotting and same goes for Pepper (pink) and Winnie (purple).
They do not mind being handled so far, by me, and Carly seems pretty relaxed when I take each one to stimulate and weigh them.

Carly and pups
  They are all over a pound.  Pink has doubled her birth weight. She is within reach of her brothers and sisters.  The other puppies are all gaining nicely coming close to doubling their birth weights as well. 

Carly is doing great, eating tons, starting to leave the puppies after she feeds them, I find her on her makeshift bed in the pen staring at the puppies.  She wanted to come out in the living room for a few minutes for lots of love and pets, then back to the pool with the puppies.

Henry, big brother, is doing good, he loves all the treats he is getting.  I love the new commands he has picked up...beg and down from standing.  He knows (mostly) sit, sit-then down and stay (for a few seconds) and come.  He loves to play tug and hide n seek.

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