Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Magnificent Seven

Winnie and Lady Browning (L.B.)

The puppies have all gained weight, one little miss piggie, Schuyler (green girl), actually lost some but is around her birth weight plus a little bit extra.  Pepper Box (pink girl), the smallest at the starting gate, is gaining every weigh-in.  Derringer (silver girl) and Lady Browning (light blue/Pound) are now the biggest pups at 13.15 oz.  Smith and Wesson are nice weights.  The second smallest, Winnie (Winchester/Pushy Purple) is now almost equal with her siblings.  Pepper Box (Pink girl) is at 9.15 oz but very sneaky when stealing a nipple and she needs to be. 
Pepper Box (PB) and Schuyler

Smith & Wesson and Derringer
Carly is doing fantastic.  I still have to force her out to potty, but that is okay she does so with a strict command.  She watches me when I weigh the pups but doesn't seem worried just curious over what I am doing.  The boys usually sleep while being weighed, but all of the girls hated it (kind of hilarious, weighing is dreading by females across species).
That's all for now, I have to go let big brother, Henry in and get to my appointment.

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