Friday, October 14, 2011

Blue eyed girls

Carly decided the puppies laundry basket/carrier was perfect for her

The girls

This  week we have had many visitors from neighbors to Jon and Karen and Lyss and Zane and my mother. The puppies have been active and are getting ready to start eating food.  Carly is ready to let them start eating also.  Carly and Henry have been slowly starting to enjoy each other or at least be in the same room without growls (Carly) and crazy eyes (Henry).  Henry loves the visitors still but loved his two mile walk last night (Thursday) even more.  

The puppies all seem to have hearing.  I do have a puppy Winnie with one blue eye and one brown eye and Pound/Lady Browning seems to have two blue eyes.  Its not a disqualification and they can still be shown just might have to be more cautious about breeding them if they do turn out to be show quality. 

The Girls

The boys
Anyways, that is enough about the daily happenings, this blog today is more about pictures. Enjoy!!

Puppy pile!!

Puppy pile!!!

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