Sunday, October 23, 2011

Four and a half week stacking is so fun!!

So, this week has been busy, the puppies are eating only puppy mush, since Carly decided last Sunday that she is not a milk bar anymore.  They suffered a little Sunday still wanting and trying to nurse.  Monday when I got home from work Carly's nipples were pointing every which way so I forced her to nurse the puppies one at a time and that seemed to work to decrease the milk.  Carly also has a "happy" tail,  meaning she split her tail whipping it against a wall or kennel and it bleeds so she will be in a soft-sided crate in solitary until it stops bleeding, it may sound harsh but she will get love and it is one of the only ways to heal it.  Plus, she will get to sleep on my bed, so life is not that tuff for her. 

The puppies have been enjoying playing in the living room, Derringer constantly goes under the couch and Smith is still my sleeper.  I often find him playing with the hanging toy in the middle of the night. Some of my favorite puppy moments happen when they wake me up growling at night.  Karen came over Saturday and we took stack pictures of the puppies.

Hopefully, all the pictures will show up so everyone can view them.

Winnie's show side
Winnie's front

Winnie's Face

Derringer's show side

Derringer's front

Derringer's face

Wesson's show side
Wesson's front
Wesson's face

Smith show side
Smith's front
Smith's face

Lady Browning's show side

Lady B's front
Lady B's face
Pepperbox's show side
Pepperbox's front
Pepperbox's face

Schofield's show side

Schofield's front
Schofield's face

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