Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven Little Dalmatians and One Big Brother

This week has been a fun week and a week of lots of cleaning.  Henry got to play with all the puppies individually and was a good boy.  The puppies reactions to Henry ranged from hiding under the coffee table and couch to growling and nipping at him.   Henry took it all very well and was only a little to rough a couple of times and that is mostly because he is still a puppy and doesn't know his own size and strength.  Each puppy eventually got used to Henry and would brave a run across the room taunting him to follow and would grab his toys to try and play tug with him. 

Carly got to come out a little but I am still trying to get her tail to heal, so she was limited. She was super cute playing with the puppies. 

I was able to get one puppy out in a car ride so far, Derringer, she did very well.  She is very sweet and did well riding in the crate in the car.

Coming up this week are the puppies hearing tests and a visit with the stud dog's breeder in Atascadero.  I have some future owners coming on Friday to have a look at the puppies, it is all starting to be a bit bittersweet.  Oops....I cannot forget their six week shots and worming, too.

Here are some pictures enjoy!! (I certainly have been.)

Smith with Henry's bird
Schofield and the picket fence.
Wesson and Henry

Pepperbox showing Henry who's boss.

Pepperbox claiming her cookie cutter from Henry.

Henry and Pound/Lady Browning

Henry and Wesson

Henry and Smith exploring the bird.

Carly and Derringer

Carly and Wesson
Carly surrounded by puppies
Henry and Schofield..she has her eyes on his tags.
Henry and Schofield
Henry and Derringer

Henry and Winnie
"Just one kiss"  (Henry and Winnie)

"See, I can do crazy eye, too, Henry"

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