Monday, October 31, 2011

Seven Little Dalmatians and One Big Brother

This week has been a fun week and a week of lots of cleaning.  Henry got to play with all the puppies individually and was a good boy.  The puppies reactions to Henry ranged from hiding under the coffee table and couch to growling and nipping at him.   Henry took it all very well and was only a little to rough a couple of times and that is mostly because he is still a puppy and doesn't know his own size and strength.  Each puppy eventually got used to Henry and would brave a run across the room taunting him to follow and would grab his toys to try and play tug with him. 

Carly got to come out a little but I am still trying to get her tail to heal, so she was limited. She was super cute playing with the puppies. 

I was able to get one puppy out in a car ride so far, Derringer, she did very well.  She is very sweet and did well riding in the crate in the car.

Coming up this week are the puppies hearing tests and a visit with the stud dog's breeder in Atascadero.  I have some future owners coming on Friday to have a look at the puppies, it is all starting to be a bit bittersweet.  Oops....I cannot forget their six week shots and worming, too.

Here are some pictures enjoy!! (I certainly have been.)

Smith with Henry's bird
Schofield and the picket fence.
Wesson and Henry

Pepperbox showing Henry who's boss.

Pepperbox claiming her cookie cutter from Henry.

Henry and Pound/Lady Browning

Henry and Wesson

Henry and Smith exploring the bird.

Carly and Derringer

Carly and Wesson
Carly surrounded by puppies
Henry and Schofield..she has her eyes on his tags.
Henry and Schofield
Henry and Derringer

Henry and Winnie
"Just one kiss"  (Henry and Winnie)

"See, I can do crazy eye, too, Henry"

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Four and a half week stacking is so fun!!

So, this week has been busy, the puppies are eating only puppy mush, since Carly decided last Sunday that she is not a milk bar anymore.  They suffered a little Sunday still wanting and trying to nurse.  Monday when I got home from work Carly's nipples were pointing every which way so I forced her to nurse the puppies one at a time and that seemed to work to decrease the milk.  Carly also has a "happy" tail,  meaning she split her tail whipping it against a wall or kennel and it bleeds so she will be in a soft-sided crate in solitary until it stops bleeding, it may sound harsh but she will get love and it is one of the only ways to heal it.  Plus, she will get to sleep on my bed, so life is not that tuff for her. 

The puppies have been enjoying playing in the living room, Derringer constantly goes under the couch and Smith is still my sleeper.  I often find him playing with the hanging toy in the middle of the night. Some of my favorite puppy moments happen when they wake me up growling at night.  Karen came over Saturday and we took stack pictures of the puppies.

Hopefully, all the pictures will show up so everyone can view them.

Winnie's show side
Winnie's front

Winnie's Face

Derringer's show side

Derringer's front

Derringer's face

Wesson's show side
Wesson's front
Wesson's face

Smith show side
Smith's front
Smith's face

Lady Browning's show side

Lady B's front
Lady B's face
Pepperbox's show side
Pepperbox's front
Pepperbox's face

Schofield's show side

Schofield's front
Schofield's face

Friday, October 14, 2011

Blue eyed girls

Carly decided the puppies laundry basket/carrier was perfect for her

The girls

This  week we have had many visitors from neighbors to Jon and Karen and Lyss and Zane and my mother. The puppies have been active and are getting ready to start eating food.  Carly is ready to let them start eating also.  Carly and Henry have been slowly starting to enjoy each other or at least be in the same room without growls (Carly) and crazy eyes (Henry).  Henry loves the visitors still but loved his two mile walk last night (Thursday) even more.  

The puppies all seem to have hearing.  I do have a puppy Winnie with one blue eye and one brown eye and Pound/Lady Browning seems to have two blue eyes.  Its not a disqualification and they can still be shown just might have to be more cautious about breeding them if they do turn out to be show quality. 

The Girls

The boys
Anyways, that is enough about the daily happenings, this blog today is more about pictures. Enjoy!!

Puppy pile!!

Puppy pile!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blankets, Titis and Three Year Olds

A little longer between blogs than I would like, however, the puppies are moving and active and have visitors.  So, they come before the blogs.  Here are some repeated pictures from the last blog hopefully they will open, I heard not all pictures opened on the last blog.

What is new?  Eyes are all open, ears are beginning to work so we will be doing at home hearing tests to let us know before official BAER testing what to expect.

Big brother, Henry, is kind of hilarious around puppies, cause he is so nosey about what is happening.  However, if the puppy he is looking at and kissing happens to make noise or move Henry jumps and backs away uncertain of what to expect next.  He has tried to get in the enclosure multiple times, but only succeeded this morning and Carly looked at him then gave me a look like I wasn't doing my job right, and boy was she right about that.  He is loving the attention of visitors who take the time and to love on him, otherwise he is getting lots of love and pets and treats (as long as he follows most commands) for me.  Currently he is crashed by me, so anyone that questions if Henry can calm down it has been 30 minutes and he has been asleep while I blog and facebook.

So back to the puppies, the neighborhood three year olds, Jilly, Kia-Kia and B-Rock, were here yesterday along with Grant and Kendra.  They all held puppies while Carly tried to sit on the couch or anyone who has a willing lap.  The three year olds are gentle for the most part, sitting on the couch and cuddling puppies until they slept.  I got "Twinkle Little Little Star" sung to me in exchange for the 'green' puppy (aka Schofield) and her titi (blanket).  The neighbor's 15 year old boy, Grant, loves holding as many puppies as he can, under the watchful eye of his 3 year old sister, Jilly, who pointed at him yesterday and told him "Be Gentle!" 

The puppies are barking, yapping, growling and a few have even started "talking" to you much like Carly does.  They all seem to have really sweet personalities with a little spunk thrown in for a good time.  Wesson the red boy, is very attached to Carly, I often wake up to find him cuddled with her and when she goes outside to go to the bathroom, he yaps more than the others.  He also is dependent on his litter mates more than they are on him and each other.  Winnie (purple) seemed like the leader and she could still be however, no one is really quite obviously in charge yet, especially not me!

Besides children, Carly's breeders/co-owners Jon and Karen Whyte came by Thursday and saw the litter and will continue to come by and get to know the litter.  My friends Chad and Cara brought their daughter (six months) Isla to visit and she kissed a couple puppies.  My little sister and her boyfriend brought my adorable nephew, Zaney Brainy, over to see the pups and stayed to hang out with my friends. My best friend and her husband, Mallory and Jared, brought their boys Collin and Eli to visit, her boys have always done well with holding little animals, they will probably enjoy them more in a week or two when the puppies want to play.  And of course, Jaime (friend who is making blankets and helping with all the little things I think of) likes to hold them in their blankets usually, while knitting or crocheting (I forgot which, always do) the next blanket.

Wesson on his blanket

Lady Browning/Pound on her blanket

Schofield and her blanket

Saturday, October 1, 2011

One Ounce at a Time

As two of the puppies reach 2 pounds, the other five keep on gaining. Each have little leaps and bounds, for example, Winnie (purple) while not the first to walk, walks around the pool quite often.  Schofield (greens new name) and Wesson (red) have their eyes open the most followed by Smith (blue) and Browning/Pound (light blue).

Download PART95131...jpg (137.9 KB)
Wesson and blanket Jaime made.

Download Photo0962...jpg (259.2 KB)
Schofield and blanket Jaime made.
 My friend Jaime, who knits and crochets, (don't ask me which one she is doing for the blankets) is making each puppy a blanket to go home with in their individual ric-rac colors.  She has gotten these two done and the puppies love them.  I will sleep on all the blankets, then rub big brother Henry with them. Then, finally, let Carly and their siblings sleep on them and hopefully by the time they go home the blankets will provide some comfort to the pups on their first nights.

Download Photo0961...jpg (376.0 KB)
I See Spots!!

This is the sight I see in the morning, except every morning there are more spots,  I LOVE IT. 

I have been doing the Early Neurological Simulations on the puppies and every day the seem more tolerant as a group.  The 3 minute stress test develops their hormonal, adrenal and pituitary systems, along with their ability to problems solve and much more.  This test is done by putting them in a container and taking them outside individually for 3 minutes then bringing them back in and soothing them.  None of the puppies, really mind this test, they are all pretty calm.

Carly is doing great, she is sleeping more on her bed outside the pool, I think the puppies crawl around too much now and Carly likes her sleep.  Car still growls a little at Henry when he barges in but overall tolerates him in the room with them. 

Cannot wait a few more days and the puppies eyes will all be open....guess I will be in trouble then!