Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gone to the Big Dogs (and one little Pepperbox)

The house is so quiet!!
I miss the boys and girls but will have the pleasure of keeping Pepperbox for two weeks before she goes to her forever home.

Smith on his way to new home
It all started last Saturday with the temperament tests and all but Derringer tested as typical Dalmatians...Derringer is just a tad too independent and that day she was very independent.  So, when I left Karen's Saturday Schofield and Derringer stayed with their people.  Tuesday was an emotional day from Mr. Smith's health cert to his microchip to the drive to Atascadero and finally, meeting Smith's new person.  Thursday was doubly hard because two puppies went to their homes, Pound and Wesson. They got to ride to their new homes together, I was lucky enough to find two homes in same area and they drove together to get the puppies.  And then Friday came, Winnie's new parents came to pick her up and she was showing them when they were here how good she is at coming when calling. 

I have to say as hard as it was to let them go, I am estatic with the homes that Karen and Patti helped find for these puppies.  I am excited to see pictures of them growing up and hear stories about their antics. 

Now I have Pepperbox and Carly and Henry and we will see what we can do about having her housebroken before she goes to her new home.  I will also have to try not to spoil her because she will be plenty spoiled at her new home.

Pepperbox enjoying a big yard

Carly and Pepper playing in Pepper's crate

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